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The Invisible Olympic Games is a project set up by DEAFS (Deaf English Athletics Federation Staffordshire) to inform people about the history of the Deaflympics. 

Volunteer with us:

Volunteering with us will give you a wide range of experiences that you can transfer to either other volunteering opportunities or to an employment environment. 

The Invisible Olympic Games requires volunteers who are keen to get involved with the work of The Invisible Olympic Games. 

As a volunteer you will help us create a real difference by helping us promote the Deaflympics which in turn we hope will help develop opportunities for more deaf people to represent Great Britain Deaflympics and therefore establish a more successful Great Britain Deaflympics Team.

Volunteers will have the opportunity to:

Develop skills in media and community engagement, volunteer their time, learn more about the heritage of the deaf community and become The Invisible Olympic Games ambassadors.

Attend training sessions, helping with filming the interviewees for the project and support at Showcase Events

Be involved with the Deaflympics history by receiving training relating to the Deaflympics.

Liaise and mix with previous/current Deaflympians, be involved with Deaflympics heritage and gained a greater knowledge of previous and future Deaflympics

Participate in regular project management meetings where progress and forthcoming activities and plans will be discussed to ensure that the project is running smoothly and within the remits and timescale.

Benefits of volunteering with us


Skill development – you will learn new skills


Make new friends


Improved communication skills with others who may be deaf or hearing, thus learning how to communicate with deaf or hearing people.


Travel expenses may be covered within an agreeable limit.


Reasonable expenses relating to volunteer activities, such as refreshments may be covered.


References for other volunteering or employment roles may be provided to volunteers


The opportunity to learn British Sign Language signs used in a sporting context.


Social opportunities

Frequently asked Questions & Answers

Do I have to be deaf to volunteer with the project?

No. You do not have to be deaf to volunteers with the project. Deaf awareness training will be provided to those who are not deaf and are eager to develop deaf awareness 

Do I have to have BSL qualifications to be involved with the project?

For general volunteering opportunities, one does need BSL qualifications

Do I have to have BSL qualifications to be an interpreter for the project?

Yes. All interpreters required for interpreting purposes must be qualified interpreters. Negotiable interpreting costs would be discussed with all professional interpreters in advance of undertaking interpreting roles with the project. 

Will meals be covered during volunteer activities?

Yes, we would cover refreshments during volunteers/project activities. Refreshments would be provided, so if you have Special/specific dietary requirements, do let us know in advance. 

How can I contact you if I am interested in volunteering?

Please complete/fill the Volunteering form with your details. By completing and sending in the Volunteering Form, you are agreeing and consenting to us keeping your details on file/computer/manually; allowing us to contact you and share your information with our colleagues involved with the project. 

If I have other questions not already covered above, what can I do?

Please use the Volunteering form for any other questions, you want to ask us about volunteering or other ways to get involved.

If you can’t see something listed above that you would love to do, please still get in touch. We have plenty of opportunities with other areas of our organisation that you may be interested in, such as fundraising and campaigning.

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